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Santa Cruz Dropout 142 Thru Axle

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PBP UK Line ID: SCS-04-15097

Santa Cruz Dropout 142 Thru Axle

Santa Cruz 142x12 Bolt Thru Dropout

Replacement Dropout/Mech Hanger for your Santa Cruz. This version is the 142x12 Bolt Thru and also comes with a spare lock nut which can be tightened with a 6mm Allen Key.

We always recommend you have a spare in your backpack just in case! Why risk ripping your mech off on a great trail and wasting your day and time for the sake of having a lightweight, small but essential spare to hand!?

*Also compatible with V10 157x12 bolt thru rear

For more information on the Santa Cruz Nomad 142x12 Bolt Thru Dropout please contact us.