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For more than two decades the goal at Cervélo has been simple: Design and engineer the world’s fastest bikes. Whether you’re a Grand Tour racer, Ironman champion, age-grouper or Saturday morning enthusiast, we know you demand the best in order to achieve your personal best – and we’re passionate about helping you get there.

Explore the Cervélo Bicycles Lineup

Cervélo R5

What goes up must come down

Cervélo S5

Undisputedly the fastest bike of the modern era

Cervélo Soloist

The everyday breakaway bike

Cervélo Caledonia-5

A new bike for classic rides

Cervelo Caledonia

A bike for the way riders ride

Cervélo P-Series


Cervélo R5 Cervélo S5 Cervélo Soloist Cervélo Caledonia-5 Cervelo Caledonia Cervélo P-Series Cervélo P5 Cervélo Aspero-5 Cervélo Áspero Cervélo ZHT-5 Cervélo ZFS-5 Cervélo Rouvida

Cervélo P5


Cervélo Aspero-5


Cervélo Áspero

Haul Ass, Not Cargo

Cervélo ZHT-5

Make Mountain Biking Faster

Cervélo ZFS-5

Make Mountain Biking Faster

Cervélo Rouvida

A New Frontier

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How do i find my Serial Number?

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Finding your Serial Number

Most of Cervélo’s serial numbers can be found underneath the bottom bracket shell of your bicycle. Some models of bicycles have the serial number located on the left dropout. On older model bicycles you can find the serial number stamped into the actual bottom bracket shell.

If you’re not sure what your bottom bracket is, the easiest way to find it is to turn your bicycle upside-down and the bottom bracket is the part of the frame that your crank runs through.

The majority of our serial numbers start with SN + the model of bicycle. So, for an R5 bicycle the serial number would begin with SNR5.For additional assistance, please contact us here