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Santa Cruz Di2 Riser Carbon E-Bars - 800mm

Santa Cruz Di2 Riser Carbon E-Bars - 800mm

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PBP UK Line ID: SCS-09-22623

Santa Cruz Di2 Riser Carbon E-Bars - 800mm

The eCarbon Bars are designed with internal routing for Shimano STEPS & di2 compatibility in mind. The ovalized rise section adds comfort and control.

We don’t just use carbon to build bars because it looks cool and everyone is doing it. We pioneer advanced materials and production methods to build the most durable and high-performance products because it’s the way to ensure that riders can just enjoy riding their bike.

Our latest bars feature an oval-shaped profile to add increased strength while improving vertical compliance. All this to say, they'll keep your hands feeling fresh after charging down the most brain-chattering of descents. We've even added internal routing to our E-Carbon Bars to keep those pesky wires out of your way.

Clamp: 35mm
Width: 800mm
Rise: 20mm, 35mm
Backsweep: 8.5°
Weight: 231 grams