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Santa Cruz Brake Adapter Type 2

Santa Cruz Brake Adapter Type 2

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PBP UK Line ID: SCS-04-21395

Santa Cruz Brake Adapter Type 2

For use in the long position on models with dropout flip chips.

Allows for 200 or 203mm rotor on Tallboy 4 and Juliana Joplin 3 or 220/223mm rotors on V10.7 and Megatower v1.

Use the included shims if using a 203 or 223mm rotor.


  • V10 CC 29 v7
  • V10 CC 27.5 v7
  • Megatower C v1
  • Megatower CC v1
  • Tallboy C v4
  • Tallboy CC v4
  • Joplin C v3
  • Joplin CC v3
  • Joplin Alloy v3
  • Tallboy Alloy v4
  • V10 CC MX v7