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Your Time is Now

Time is the treasure, each hour of the day, but remember the clock only can go one way.

The Tallboy has earned a loyal following amongst those who seek a go-to bike that will hold up to the relentless hammering of power hour rides or riding for all-the-hours. The highly refined VPP™ suspension on the Tallboy combines pedaling efficiency and all-out bump-chomping prowess. If ever there was a gravity riders’ XC bike, the Tallboy is it.



Everyone’s backyard looks a little different. Ben Hildred’s is the Coronet Loop: 50 km of old mining tracks, water races, and winding singletrack come together to make one of the best backcountry escapes around. And he can pedal there straight from home.

Let this be your sign: get out there. Go for a ride. Your time is now. Stretch a power hour or ride all-the-hours with the trail bike made to last: Tallboy.