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SRAM Eagle Transmission | Now available on select models

SRAM Eagle Transmission - stronger, better shifting, wirelessly

SRAM's new Transmission Derailleur mounting animation

The next generation SRAM Eagle Transmission specced on our CC-carbon models is a radically robust, fully integrated and interdependent wireless transmission

Built around the universal constant of the wheel axle itself, the Full Mount hangerless attachment creates a far stronger connection to the frame and the super strong derailleur provides unprecedented strength. Shifting under load is made possible due to a combination of X-SYNC technology and cassette mapping, creating seamless shifts even during your hardest power output. The new AXS Pods are extremely ergonomic and highly customizable, so shifting gears is light and intuitive. It's simply the most advanced transmission and nearly as tough as the mountain itself.

SRAM Transmission XO Derailleur on Santa Cruz Bronson


Full Mount hangerless attachment and super strong derailleur for unprecedented robustness.

SRAM Transmission XO Derailleur on Santa Cruz Bronson 2


Superior shifting under load across the huge gear range due to X-SYNC technology and cassette mapping.

SRAM Transmission XO Derailleur on Santa Cruz Bronson 3


Robust: In case of impact Overload Clutch gives it the freedom to move out of the way and automatically returns to perfect trim every time.

Prepare. Hang. Tighten.

Ever dream of never having to adjust your derailleur during set up? It’s here. Eagle Transmission derailleurs have no adjustment screws because they require zero adjustment after setup. The entire setup procedure is completed in just three simple steps - with no special tools - and takes about two minutes total

The new Santa Cruz Tallboy V5 with SRAM Eagle Transmission Drivetrain

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XO & XX Builds available on Select CC Models