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Mix. It. Up. // Juliana Bicycles - Meet the all new Roubion

Balance is a moving target. We get our routine dialed for a hot minute, then life happens. We get it back. We lose it again. The point is, a full life will pull you in every direction and there’s no such thing as maintaining perfect balance. Women like you, in every corner of the world, know that feeling of being drawn in—the little tug at your gut, the quiet reminder that the next ride is nearing.

So we swing a leg over and hit the trails. We ride and we do it remarkably well. But we’re more than that. The most badass women create well-rounded lives: we start businesses, we love travel and adventure, we have families, we pursue our dreams, we make the world a better place. Our lives are rich tapestries of challenge and ease. This is what connects us; this is our common thread. Roubion is just the invitation to join in.

We know you’re out there…killing it, no matter what you’re up to.


The new Roubion trail and all mountain bike - Available in MX and 27.5

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Anka Martin
Brittany Phelan
Brooklyn Bell
Monet Adams