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Isla Short: My Way

Isla Short is bringing Juliana Bicycles to the World Cup Cross Country circuit for the first time this season - and she's doing it her way.

Isla grew up in riding bikes with her family in the mountains around Scotland and quickly found herself as a force on the race scene, progressing all the way to the Elite World Cup Cross Country circuit.

Over several seasons, Isla discovered that while it's nice to perform well, it's not all about the results: it's about having fun and enjoying the ride. This mindset is what led Isla to create her own race program, a program that fits her personality and inspires confidence.

"Everything I've pursued I've always wanted to do differently . . . You can kind of learn to be adaptable, but for me I'm just like, 'oh, I'll just learn to do it my way.'"

Watch Isla tell her story, her way below.