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Glovebox | Always Within Reach

Everyone is talking about the world-beating suspension performance, class-leading carbon fiber construction and body perfect geometry of our bikes. But what about the cavernous Glovebox that allows for the safe stowage of whatever you need to enjoy your ride?


Riding Ain't Easy, but Packing for a Ride Should Be

Nobody likes to ruin the aesthetics of their gorgeous machine with spares and tools strapped about. With the Glovebox, you can pack your Tool Wallet and Tube Purse inside the frame, keeping things tidy and ensuring you always have everything you need.

Tool Wallet and Tube Purse

The Glovebox also comes with a Tool Wallet and Tube Purse. Roll one up and stuff it into your Glovebox.

High Quality Fit and Finish

Pairing the satisfying thud of a car door closing with the gentle glide of a soft-close cabinet, the Glovebox is a thoughtfully engineered and distinctly refined interpretation of a downtube hatch.